Gustaf - Only God Knows


Danish pop artist Gustaf is releasing his third  single -  on n off

He used to study theology, but realized halfway that he rather wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pop musician. He rarely attended his lectures at the university, because he would sit in his bedroom writing songs.

Gustaf is an autodidact musician and has never taken any music lessons. Though he grew up in a family of musicians and started to play piano in his early teenage years, being a musician wasn't something he ever thought he would be. 



Only God Knows    

Being an independent artist, with no job, sitting at home writing music all day long and at the same time living with my fiancé can be pretty tough. And a month ago my fiancé came home crying and told me that she had doubts, she wasn't sure if we wanted the same thing for the future, if she could see herself with a guy who wanted to be a musician etc. And in that very moment I just tought to myself, I don't give a shit about my future and dreams, if I can't share it with her.

I wanted to release a single before 2022, but I refused to release a Christmas song. But I figured certain songs are fine during Christmas without being an actual Christmas song. For example Joni Mitchel - Both Sides Now, it's a song many people listen to during the holiday, yet you can hear it a summer night as well. So I thought to myself, what if I could make something that isn't a Christmas song, but could blend with the rest. I tried with bells and chimes, but it was too much. So I changed the chord progression in the chorus so it had Christmas vibes, yet the rest of the song is just alt-pop, but I think that chord progression makes it blend in a little bit with the other Christmas songs - but not limited to the holiday playlists. 

If you have been on my website before you know I like to give small fun facts about my songs:
Some of you are fairly known on my website, and know that the images and videos are not random and a big part of my songs. This time it's a bit less fancy.

The photo is from a trip to Berlin with my girlfriend. The lightning kinda looks like the letter "G".

Release date: December 3 


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