Gustaf - love me less


Danish pop artist Gustaf is releasing his 5th single: love me less

He used to study theology, but realized halfway that he  wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pop artist. He rarely attended his lectures at the university, because he would sit in his bedroom writing songs.

Gustaf is an autodidact musician and has never taken any music lessons. Though he grew up in a family of musicians and started to play piano in his early teenage years, being a musician wasn't something he ever thought he would be, until he heard "ILYSB" by LANY! He immediately bought an old MacBook from 2008, a midi keyboard and low budget sound gear and started producing his own music in 2017.  



Love Me Less    

Love me less is based on a former relationship where I felt that I couldn't match the other persons feelings and devotion towards me. I felt she was way ahead of me.  Whenever we would "fool around" I'd try to be sincere, but I just wasn't emotionally connected as much as she was. I was basically just hoping that one day she would stop loving me. I felt my heart was so cold and I was too shy and afraid to end it, afraid to be alone. 

The last line in the chorus "hold your sweet warm hands into my chest, and see how cold they're starting to get" is basically me saying if she really knew how I felt, she wouldn't be here with me, cause I honestly didn't believe that I was capable of loving someone at all. 

And then there's the realization and acknowledgment that no doubt one day she will be married and walk down the aisle, but it's probably not with me. But then there's the paradox that you don't want her to leave you and vice versa, you just wanna take things slow and hope that one day her "hands wouldn't turn cold" when she hold them into my chest. That my heart would be able to love and feel warm. 

I hope you like the song, maybe you'll interpret the song a bit different and that's okay. I'm excited to see hear your thoughts. I sincerely appreciate honest criticism, don't hold back!

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Release date: June 10th 


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