Gustaf - on n off


Danish pop artist Gustaf is releasing his third  single -  on n off

He used to study theology, but realized halfway that he rather wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pop musician. He rarely attended his lectures at the university, because he would sit in his bedroom writing songs.

Gustaf is an autodidact musician and has never taken any music lessons. Though he grew up in a family of musicians and started to play piano in his early teenage years, being a musician wasn't something he ever thought he would be. 



on n off    

"on n off" isn't a song that necessarily wanna break the mold when it comes to the lyrics, and by that I don't mean that I'm not putting any work into it or don't care about it. I just want them to be relatable. I focused a lot on creating a visual image for the listener, hence the song starts of by setting the scene: the slowly ambient intro followed by the lines: "pink skies, all night..." 

It's about having an on and off relationship with someone, and although you know that it's probably for the best if you would let it go it's difficult when you have the same friend group or go to the same school - and all your friends keep saying: "they are on and off", like: "they can't figure it out". It is that feeling of being at a party, only aware of how you look, or what they were doing, what signals they are giving, but then at one point you might encounter the inevitable realization: we're running out of lies, this can't go on, and then it just goes in circles. 

The production of the song has a familiar alt-pop feel, but at the same time it also tries to be experimental. I also tried to give at very, very subtle hint of R&B vibes in the chorus melody. 

If you have been on my website before you know I like to give small fun facts about my songs:
The photoshoot I had planned didn't work out, so in the very last moment I transformed my dinning room into a photoshoot: I bought a big background paper, a suit(and returned it afterwards) and made som DIY lightning from what ever lamps I had, and then I took a microphone stand and taped my iPhone to it and edited the pictures on my phone. 

Also for the first the time I can credit myself for Mixing and Mastering with help from my friend and artist Daniel Joy, who also helped me write and produce the song. 

Video coming soon!

Release date: October 1    


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