Gustaf - Young Love



Danish pop artist Gustaf is releasing his second single Young Love

He used to study theology, but realized halfway that he rather wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pop musician. He rarely attended his lectures at the university, because he would sit in his bedroom writing songs.

Gustaf is an autodidact musician and has never taken any music lessons. Though he grew up in a family of musicians and started to play piano in his early teenage years, being a musician wasn't something he ever thought he would be. 



Young Love    

Young Love is NOT a love song, and yet... It's about once first love and the pain when the relationship fall apart, the worst break-up and the shattered dream of the one and only, whom you thought you should share your life with.   

The song is inspired from multiple episodes from Gustaf's own life; The first love and the first break-ups. The song is relatable because most of us can recognize ones first love and break-up. Young Love doesn't revolve around one single episode of my life, but multiple, everything is based on specific episode from Gustaf's life.   

Young Love is therefore NOT a love song, it's not about getting back together or how much you miss the other person! It's more a "F*CK YOU!" song. It's an anthem, not for being sad and sobbing while watching The Notebook 1000 times, but an anthem for being angry, getting dumped and moving on, cause sometimes, reasonable or not, that's how we wanna tackle it.   

I re-decorated my entire bedroom to make it look like a teenage room to get that flashback feeling of being young and in love. 


Release date: August 6                      

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